2012 for conservatives… I feel ya, kinda

I’m not sure if I actually empathize with conservatives or merely find it amusing that they deal with the same structural and electoral issues that progressives deal with in electing lawmakers. Short of something very dramatic happening, Romney will win the nomination, almost as if by default — a candidate that a super-majority of Republicans don’t even support or even want to be president. The machinery of our so-called representative democracy is broken for all of us. There are many people from a variety of ideologies, even well-meaning capitalists (if there can be such people!) that have great ideas, but unfortunately no one will ever assume a high level political office without having strong ties to the powerful institutions which we expect them to interact with on behalf of the citizenry (note: I think challenging and transforming said institutions is a better use of political energy, generally, with electoral efforts being a nice supplement when expectations are realistic). Isn’t this all about power? The concentration and abuse of power… But isn’t much of what makes ‘conservative’ a distinguishable term the fact that they think power should be exercised autonomously, freely, which in a word means allowing it to concentrate and be utilized for oppression and exploitation? Is this a fair assessment? I think all people should be concerned with the structure of our democracy, or the lack thereof.

TL;DR: Romney and Obama combined couldn’t get half the country to want either of them to be president, yet one of them will; we’ll call it democracy, even if it’s just a show.